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Yuuki (/w bio.) by turtwigfan505
Yuuki (/w bio.)
This will be one of the characters appearing in my story: Legend of the Guardians

Name: Yuuki
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 18
Eye color: Light blue
Hair color: Dark violet (looks close to black)
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 125 lbs.
Occupation(s): Village Guardian, Samurai
Personality: Very serious when it comes to whatever her job is, and is very protective and loyal to her friends and family
Weapon: Double-Edged Katana, which was passed down to her from her family
Powers/Abilities: Demonic detection (can sense the soul of a demon), amazing agility and sword skill

Quote: "I can feel a demonic presence... A presence that I must destroy."

(Something for later: I plan on coloring this, and I do plan on making this character, and the others I have, into a 2-d fighting game based on this story, and maybe in M.U.G.E.N. too, so a movelist may be added too once this is colored.)

(Her inspiration first came from this theme:…, and check out her old version here to see her and how she's evolved over the years:
Deviantart's 16th B-Day Submission by turtwigfan505
Deviantart's 16th B-Day Submission
This is my little submission to DA's 16th birthday!

I just imagined some weird little fantasy cityscape sort of thing X3
Leon by turtwigfan505
This is one of my OC, who is a major character in a story I'm writing, which contains all of my characters and OCs.

This was a bit of a practice for anatomy, posing, perspective, and drawing clothing for this character
So, yeah, please tell me what you think, and what you think I should work on to improve my drawings even further.

Oh, and an old drawing of him to show how much he's evolved:

Aaaaannnnnnd a random music theme! X3…
Re-draw: Ragna the Bloodedge by turtwigfan505
Re-draw: Ragna the Bloodedge
I made this a few months ago when I was still in High School.

Compare this to this old drawing:

I do not own this character, all credit for the character goes to Arc System Works

Ragna the Boodedge (c) Blazblue by Arc System Works

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am a senior in High School, and I am doing my own style of drawing manga/anime, and this is where I can show it to everyone! Not only do I do manga style, I am also a brony, so I've been practicing how to draw in the MLP style too.

Best friends: :iconinsane-doodler::iconnightengale1028:

Also: :iconrequestsopen::icontradesopen:


Hard to be clear-Stamp by DinoclawsNature Lover-Stamp by DinoclawsAutumn Stamp by Kezzi-Rose(one reason is becase my girlfriend's name is Autumn)Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Don't Sugarcoat by Necromancer-StaffMusic Stamp by Boredom-xD[please let this die] by rachelhiAround Friends Stamp by SparkLum
I Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-FlyerStamp I love Headphones by Mellx93Friends stamp by Meddle689
Meaningful comments stamp by dazza1008Music Stamp by The-Hamlets(I don't know about anyone else, but it is for me)
Rock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2I love techno stamp by ewotionI like brony music stamp by rhubarb-leaf
Favorite MLP characters:
1. MLP icon - Fluttershy by Umberoff
2. MLP icon - Rainbow Dash by Umberoff
3. MLP icon - Pinkie Pie by Umberoff
4. Vinyl Scratch Avatar by Mel-Rosey
5. MLP icon - Derpy Hooves by Umberoff

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